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What are the outdoor lamps applicable to the park square

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Maybe speaking of lawn lamp, we don't have any concept yet, but we must have seen this kind of lamp, especially the residents in the community, because this kind of lamp can be seen everywhere in the community. Here is the outdoor lawn lamp manufacturer, Muke lighting, to introduce it to you: what is lawn lamp? Where is it mainly used?

This is what we call lawn lamp. It is mainly used in outdoor areas such as communities, villas, lodgings and hotels. Combined with lawn decoration, the outdoor landscape is more harmonious, and it is also a very practical type of lamp. In general, in the community, many adults and children will come out for a walk in summer. Lawn lamp is a kind of lamp with soft light and wide lighting area. It is very suitable for the lighting of the community. It sets off such a warm night in the community, and also brings a warm home to the late comers. Here's an introduction to a lawn lamp that is often used in the park square area:

Cylindrical crescent lawn lamp: the style of this lamp looks very simple. If you don't take it seriously, you will think it's a pillar. This lamp is simple and fashionable. It's also suitable for use in parks or squares. The installation is also very simple. Let's take a look at the picture below:

Outdoor lighting fixtures are always stylish, because they are lighthouses in the night, they can illuminate the way home, they can bring warmth and courage to people who come back late.